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Project Statement

Casa de Corazón®, a Spanish immersion day care and preschool located in Shorewood, Wisconsin, wanted a hand-made art piece to hang in their large vestibule to greet their clients and visitors as they entered the building. A mosaic was chosen as the medium, and a design was created to evoke a spirit of community, diversity, love, children and parenthood. Our team developed the design to reflect these characteristics as well as the school’s values.  

The production process involved detailed, precision work and incorporated an assortment of tiles, including many that were hand-made from two types of clay, fired and then hand-painted. Stones hand-picked from the shores of Lake Michigan, helped frame the seven different stories within the mosaic. Each story was constructed separately and then assembled onsite at Casa de Corazon.

In addition, LMF Group provided lighting recommendations to showcase the artwork in the best light.

Services Provided

  • Story Design & Illustration
  • Material & Color Selection
  • Hand-made Clay Art
  • Assembly
  • Installation
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Casa de Corazon mosaic
mosaic CAD
mosaic sketch
mosaic drawing
mosaic colored drawing
mosaic clay
mosaic kiln
mosaic fired
mosaic assembly
mosaic assembly
mosaic trees
mosaic people
mosaic tile close up
mosaic tile close up
mosaic tile close up

“I can’t speak highly enough of this talented group. They are so incredibly creative and artistic. They were able to take numerous ideas and styles scattered around in my brain and turn it into something breathtakingly beautiful. I can’t wait to work with them again.”

Nick Plummer