Curating Experiences

It’s time to disrupt the event experience and keep attendees fully immersed from start to finish!

Maximize Your Investment with a LMF Group Conference/Tradeshow Audit and Opportunity Assessment

shopper brain conference

Determine project goals, the current experience format can be improved to better meet the needs of the show organizer and attendees.

Analyze venue locations and experience existing conferences through the lens of consumer behavior specialists to determine how to determine opportunities and ways to best engage and immerse attendees to better meet the needs of the show organizer and attendees.

Recap findings, express, opportunities, and provide recommendations with actionable steps that maximize the attendee experience and return on investment.

Strategize and execute deliverables to meet goals.

Create an experience that goes beyond the ordinary…one that gets attendees out of the “conference box” and into a new way of thinking, engaging and interacting. 

Here’s our list of clients:

  • WOCN Conference, Nashville, TN
  • Nationwide Conference, New Orleans, LA
  • BREAKBULK Americas Conference, Houston, Tx
  • Women Engineers Conference, Minneapolis. MN
Let us help your attendees:
  • be swept up into effortless connections
  • experience dynamic environments
  • learn via all senses
  • get inspired and stay motivated, and
  • connect emotionally
BreakBulk Conference
Design/Layout Elements to be reviewed:
First impressions, conference branding, event theme, signage/wayfinding, focal points, sensory triggers, lighting, music/acoustics, accessibility of information, food & drink, capacity concerns, event rooms, activity areas, furnishings, decor, merchandising, emotional connections, social spaces, on-trend (instagrammable) touch-points, quiet spaces
Operations/Marketing Elements to be reviewed:
Registration process, expression of sponsorship, swag bag delivery & fulfillment, presentation topics, staffing, social media opportunities, membership attraction and retention strategies

Let’s work together!