Three Room Theory

The Three Room Theory ™

We believe that customers judge your business
and make ultimate decisions based on their experience in three key rooms:



One Chance To
Do It Right

Reception Area

The First Impression Room

Does your reception area “wow” those who enter? 

Do visitors know where to go or what to do when they walk through your front door?

Do they get a sense of your brand, your culture, what you value, what you sell, where you’ve been, and where you’re going?

How are you engaging and enticing those who have to wait?

These first impressions are how first-time visitors form their thoughts and opinions about your business.

Do not take this space for granted. It absolutely, positively, must make a statement, tell a story, and leave a positive and memorable first impression.

Conference Room

The Make-It-Happen Room

This is the heart of your corporate space. It’s your most influential room. It’s the “make-it-happen” room.  

Think of all the things that go on in this space (if walls could talk).  It’s where deals are made, people are hired (and fired), news is shared, celebrations occur. 

It needs to sell, engage, inspire, support, persuade, convince, educate, and inform. That’s a lot for one room. 

Are you giving this room the credit it’s due?

It deserves to be spectacular.

The Restroom

The Necessary Room

Don’t underestimate the power of this room.

Women in particular will judge their entire experience on the condition and design of the restroom.

Do NOT underestimate the value of well-designed and clean restrooms. Don’t skimp on the decor. Have fun (without being weird or tacky) and brand it, message it, make it shine. 

How do these three rooms measure up in your business?

We'll make your reception room, conference room and restrooms memorable.
We'll give them the "wow" they deserve. It might just be the reason you:
get the yes,
close the sale,
seal the deal.