Virtual Services

Interior Design

The following virtual services address square footages ≤ 1500. Have a larger space? No problem – call us to discuss fees for your project.

Basic Layout

The first of our virtual design services starts with a basic layout of your space. This includes a discussion of your layout needs/goals and current challenges of the space. Bubble diagrams (high level schematic plans) are then created showing adjacencies. Finally, a CAD drawing is provided showing furniture and cabinetry layout (both existing and recommended pieces) and any other functional items necessary for your operation. This service is a great way to get more traffic and sales!

Investment (if floorplan is already in CAD): 1200
Investment (if floorplan is hand drawn): 1700


Floor plan
Color & Finish Selection

Does your space need more visual excitement? Does it have an outdated color palette? Looking to bring a splash of color in? Based on your overall branding palette, we will select paint, wall coverings, flooring, ceiling, laminates, and wood tones as necessary to bring your space to life. This information will be denoted on a CAD plan (if you have one), or in a document with the specifications necessary for ordering the finishes.

Investment: 1000


Finish board
Furniture Selection

Furniture will be detailed in a document showing images and ordering information. If custom designs for furniture or cabinetry is involved, these will be detailed in a CAD drawing illustrating dimensions and finish details for fabricators to use. We can also provide quotes for these custom pieces if you don’t have a fabricator on hand.


Investment (stock pieces): 750
Investment (custom): 1500


Furniture selection
Lighting Plan & Light Fixture Selection

Lighting is the most important design element in an interior, and most people have a hard time getting it right. Placement of light fixtures throughout the space will be detailed on a CAD drawing (if you have one), or in a document with details for the light fixtures, noting necessary lighting levels, color rendering index, and types of illumination.

Investment: 1000


Lighting selection

Effective branding is critical, as is communication with your customers. This service will locate important signage throughout your space, with locations being delineated in CAD drawing (if you have one), or in a document with recommendations on sizes, materials, and content for the messaging. Templates for the overall look of the various types of signs will also be created. Finally, we will give you a separate sign guidelines document with all the details needed for a sign company to produce the signs.

Investment: 1500


Exterior Design

Need an exterior upgrade? Everything from signage, paint colors, materials, lighting, awnings, and decorative elements will be included in this phase. You will receive Photoshopped (or 3D renderings) and annotated images with all the details needed for a contractor to complete your project.

Investment: 1200


exterior design
Want it All?

Contact us for special package pricing.



A short Service Agreement will be created for your review and signature before starting work.
If CAD drawings are not available, an additional fee may apply.
Reimbursable expenses may apply.
Construction drawings and specification schedules are extra services and happily provide for additional fees.

Digital Design

Social Media Audit

Social media is not only the best free marketing tool available, but it has become critical to an establishment’s branding presence. We will review up to three of your platforms and offer recommendations for enhancing your online presence. We will also look for consistency across all platforms and offer ideas for future posts and scheduling.

Investment: 250

social media audit
Website Audit

The overall look and content of your website is key to promoting your brand and message, selling your products & services, and promoting your brick and mortar store. We will look for consistencies throughout the site, including colors used, text, photos/graphics, and overall layout. A report identifying areas that need to be improved and recommendations for creating a strong online presence will be provided. 

Investment: 500-2500+ (determined by number of pages)

website audit

Looking to tweak your logo, or need a new one entirely? This virtual service will provide you with three to four logo options, first in black and white, then, after a favorite is chosen, color versions. Final deliverables include: logo files in black and white and color (both RGB for online use and CMYK for print use); in both vector (Adobe Illustrator) and jpeg formats; and a logo sheet outlining Pantone color, fonts, proper logo usage guidelines; and representations of the logo in its various color options/usage (whether for use in 2-color and 4-color printing, online, black and white). A digital Brand Guidebook is available upon request.

Investment: 2500+

logo design


A short Service Agreement will be created for your review and signature before starting work.
Reimbursable expenses may apply.

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